Saskia Noordhoek Hegt was a founding member and actress with Andre Gregory’s Manhattan Theater Project.(1969-1978) She has acted and directed in the United States and Europe, and was on the drama faculty of New York University Tisch School of the Arts and guest teacher at the Amsterdam School of the Arts.

Saskia Hegt was born in Holland and has a M.A. in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Leiden, Holland, and a M.F.A. in theater from New York University.
She was an actress in Andre Gregory’s Manhattan Theater Project (1969-1979) and appeared in their Obie award-winning productions of ALICE IN WONDERLAND and Wallace Shawn’s OUR LATE NIGHT. Thereafter, she worked with directors Anne Bogart, Stephanie Skura, Richard Schechner, Liz Swados and others.
In addition to the US, her work as a director has taken her to Belgium, Holland, Germany and Canada.

Dancing With Bishop

The Manhattan Theater Project

Alice in Wonderland

By the Manhattan Project Photographed by Richard Avedon photos 1970-71 Alice in Wonderland

Relates the genesis and evolution of a new young acting company, The Manhattan Project, whose concepts and methods are revolutionizing the theater. It began in the spring of 1968, when a group of young and dedicated actors enrolled in a six-week course under the direction of Andre Gregory. What some of those “student-actors” did not then know was that that six-week course would stretch, like Alice, into a several-year project, and would enventually evolve into what is generally considered one of the major drama ensembles of the United States…. By Ruth Ansel

Endgame by Andre Gregory

“The girl who plays Nell is equally true to “endgame” in another touchingly beautiful performance.”

” This is the physical setting of a venturesome and exciting revival of Endgame by Director Andre Gregory and the Manhattan Project… The case is superb. The two parents, Nagg (Tom Costello) and Nell (Saskia Noordhoeck Hegt), are like moths whose wings have iced. They flutter feebly, not in the text’s ash bins, bun in a laundry hamper and a G.E. refrigerator carton.”
– T.E. Kalem   Time, March 5, 1973

Our Late Night

“The work is brilliantly mounted by Andre Gregory and brilliantly performed… by Saskia Noordhoek Hegt as a kind of hangdog, menacing Garbo-Dietrich figure.”
– Wallace Shawn

The Bad Play

“…Like Langevin’s accent, Noordhoek Hegt’s eyes-rolled-up-and-fluttering, silent-movie blindness, and Jamie Leo’s marvelous set with ’50s appliances stuck to the walls and cardboard dishes that are supposed to stick to the table.”
– Ana Maria Simo, Village Voice Jan. 22 1991


Netherlands National Radio; Interview with Saskia in November 2011

Saskia’s Interview 2011



What Maisie Knew

The Cold Eye