She is on the drama faculty at NYU Tisch school of the Arts (Experimental Theatre Wing) and was until 2001, a guest teacher at the Amsterdam School of the Arts,SNDO. (She gives theatre-dance workshops all over the world.) Saskia believes in inter-cultural exchange and has taught theatre-dance workshops all over the world, working in South Africa with South Africans from different townships, with Chileans in Santiago and Punta Arenas, Ecuadorians in Quito and Chinese in New York.

People who influenced her work are Jerzy Grotowski, Victoria Santa Cruz, Simone Forti and Suprapto Suryodarmo.


Solo Piece-making for Dance/Theatre:
Found in Translation
with Saskia Hegt

Do you want to create original work? Do you need a place to begin?
Do you want to develop a solo performance piece – but you’re not sure what it would be “about”?
Join internationally renowned teacher/director Saskia Hegt as she returns to Synaesthetic for a 3-day intensive workshop that focuses on just that! Whether you’re experienced in creating original work and want to explore new approaches, or whether you need someone to show you where to begin, this workshop will broaden your creative horizon.
In the process of “translating” ideas and feelings into theatrical terms, participating artists will experiment with image work, improvisations, text, music and timed writing and drawing. The subject of each piece may be one the artist consciously brings in, but the process will also help participants uncover the subject they wish to explore. Over the course of the workshop, Saskia will guide each participant organically towards a repeatable structure and “anchor-points” for his or her emerging original work.

WHERE: New York City, NY